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LED Light Therapy

Facial Treatment

Is light activation system to help in skin rejuvenation by accelerating the self healing process of the skin.

As also explained by NASA, LED is a great way providing wound healing. It works on the principle that those certain cells that cause the problem like Once etc are metabolically more active and produce large amounts of a substance called porphyrin. These porphyries are sensitive to certain types of light and when exposed to light cal produce toxic oxygen free radicals which destroy cells in the very nearby vicinity. QuattroLux LED provides the latest new technology with 4 different colour to provide a range of treatments for skin.

Theres no down time after the treatment, get radiant and rejuvenated skin that is pain free with no side effects with on going results.

Red Light
  • Skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing, anti wrinkle
  • Reduce pigmentation, such as freckle, sun burn and pigment
  • Repairing sensitive skin and red vascular
  • Recovering skin which is treated by IPL, Laser, Peeling, Microdermabrasion and Tattoo Removal Laser
Blue Light
  • Anti inflammatory sterilisation, calming down skin, acne, blackhead, pimples
Yellow Light
  • Strengthen the blood vessel tenacity to improve the skin immune system.
Green Light
  • Reducing pigment, skin whitening and spot removing

LED only

1 session


3 sessions


Micro, LED, Sono

1 session


4 sessions


6 sessions


Micro, Laser, LED, Sono

1 session


4 sessions


6 sessions


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